What better way to introduce manners, then by throwing a tea party! This is a fun and social activity to model the right manners to have when sitting down for a meal. This can be done inside on the floor, outside under a tree, with real food or pretend teddy guests!

Table cloth or blanket
Tea cups, saucers and water jug
Serving plates and utensils
Food (real or pretend)

Pretend teddy bears guests

Manners to address
1. Place napkins on lap
2. Wait until all guest and host are served before eating
3. Hold the knife and fork correctly
4. Chew with mouth closed
5. Say please and thank you when passing food dishes
6. Ask questions to initiate polite conversation
7. If you burp, say, “excuse me.”
8. Place knife and fork across the plate to indicate finishing the meal
9. Fold napkin and place it to the left of the plate when finishing eating

How this activity relates to social and emotional learning
• Learning specific manners for eating meals
• Creating and building community
• Learning how to communicate and socialize