Free Activities for parents and teachers, curated by a teacher and mother to do in the classroom, homeschool or kitchen table. Hands-on, fun and easy-to-follow activities, for children aged three to seven.  Play-based and free activities to do, right now! Here is a sample of fun, engaging, lessons that can be completed at home or in the classroom to introduce, promote and encourage social and emotional growth together with your little ones.

More activities can be found in the Activity Pack, available in our online shop – this pack contains 120 activities, that require minimal materials, no teaching experience and has been created with simple steps in a quick to read format. The Activity Pack covers letters, numbers, nature, science, movement, art, mindfulness and cooking. 

Tip for setting up successful activities with your children:

  1. Go through the Activity Pack and select a few activities. Did you know some activities require no materials, it has been designed specifically this way!
  2. Gather the materials needed (most of which  you should have in your home or classroom already.) 
  3. Read the instructions for the activity with your child(ren).  
  4. Have fun! 

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