ACTIVITY PACK 120 Activities (Digital Product)

USD $29.04

Big World of Little Dude’s ACTIVITY PACK is a play-based, hands-on, low technology program designed to make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for children aged three to seven. 

Developed, tested, and approved by leading early childhood education specialists, Big World of Little Dude’s ACTIVITY PACK allows for families of little children to thrive – especially during these uncertain times – without relying on screens or technology.

Product features: 

  • 120 individual lessons, totaling more than 60 hours of programming!
  • Simple and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Materials checklist (most items you may already have at home.) 

SPECIAL With every activity pack purchased, receive FREE A-Z Worksheets and A-Z Letter Cards, which will provide hours of learning and play for your little ones. 

Big World of Little Dude’s ACTIVITY PACK is a downloaded PDF, we believe in recycling so please think before you print!


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“This program saved the day. Our two children (ages 4 and 6) have been home since March of this year, and they can’t sit still in front of a computer unless it’s playing Peppa Pig. Little Dude’s “At-Home Lessons” has kept them busy for hours and hours – and they’re learning really important lessons and doing really interesting activities!” Erin (NJ)
“I’ve searched everywhere for a program that includes the lessons, teaching guide, and the materials needed to homeschool my 4-year-old. Then I found this gem. I’ve referred everyone I know to this program – and now I look like the hero!” Kris (TX)
“I was dreading the fall and fearing the inevitable ‘distance learning’…until I discovered this program. Now I’m excited to be a homeschool mommy!” Emily (CT)
“I am a good parent but was a bad homeschool teacher. I had no idea what or how to teach. But thanks to this program, I’m good at both now!” Sam (CA)
“My son and daughter-in-law were stressing out about homeschooling our 5-year-old grandson this year. Then I purchased this program for them and that stress literally disappeared overnight. Grandma to the rescue!” Elaine (FL)