A Kindness jar is a fantastic way to promote kindness in your home or classroom. By acknowledging kind acts, it helps with positive reinforcement and is a great visual to see the kindness jar become full – full of kindness. When a child does or sees a kind act, they can add one pompom/piece of candy/stone/gem to the jar. When the jar is full, offer a reward: a trip to a playground, a delicious treat or a surprise adventure!

A clear jar
Gems, pompoms, M&M’s – whatever small objects you have

Label the jar.
Start filling the jar when kind acts are done!

Instead of small objects, you could fill the jar with small pieces of paper, with the actual kind act written on it. When the jar is full, you could pick a few to read.

How this activity relates to social and emotional learning
• Understanding what kindness means.
• Doing or observing kind acts within your home or classroom.
• Creating teachable moments using positive reinforcement.