Calming Lavender Cloud Dough

The combination of lavender and sensory play promotes calmness and reduction of anxiety. Lavender is a herb that has been proven effective by leading researchers as a natural remedy for treating signs of stress and the repetitive nature of this sensory activity gives children focus to their mind can relax and wonder.

8 cups of flour
1 cup olive or baby oil
2 tablespoons of purple powder paint
1 large tub

Optional add-ins:
– Fresh lavender twigs, pull off the little flowers
– 2-4 drops of essential lavender oil
– Purple glitter

In the large tub, add the flour and slowly combine the oil, using your fingertips to spread the oil through the flour. Once combined, add in the purple powder paint. Ask child/ren to select or help add in the optional materials.

Add in some small crystals, smooth rocks, tiny rakes and let the children explore and use their imagination and watch them become engaged and calm.

Store in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

How this activity relates to social and emotional learning

  •  Children explore their senses.
  • The lavender smell and physical nature of playing with the cloud dough promotes calming and relaxing effects.
  • If this is used in a sensory bin in the classroom, children will have to share and use their communication skills to play peacefully and respectfully.